Professional Pre-finish Services

There are many advantages to having Distinctive Drywall & Painting provide pre-finish services for your projects:

  • Products are finished in a dust-controlled environment, free from common contaminates which are on a job site like sawdust, dirt and other contaminants.
  • Products are not subject to humidity fluctuations during construction which can cause warping and other problems.
  • We use the highest quality primers, paints, glazes, stains, lacquers, and varnishes in our pre-finish process as well as the best equipment to ensure a durable even finish every time.
  • We eliminate the smell of doing the job on site, especially when families are living in the home.
  • Products are ready for installation and can be delivered to the job site.
  • One trade partner that can provide drywall, painting, and pre-finishing services means fewer phone calls/contacts and schedules for you to manage.

Let’s Get Started!

We’re here to understand your needs and recommend a solution that works for you. Together we’ll create a plan that is proactive, flexible, and responsive.